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19 February, 2018

They accuse #DalasReview of pedophilia and stalker

“You’re useless, you’re a whore.” The headline of the report published by Interviú this week has set the mood on social networks. On Tuesday, the hashtag #DalasDeEstaNoTeEscapas climbed to the trending topic loaded with a newspaper archive and celebration. And the fact is that youtuber Daniel José Santomé, alias DalasReview, raises as many passions as hatreds.

The one who speaks on Interviú is his ex-girlfriend, María Rubio, who is also a successful youtuber under the pseudonym Miare. “I did everything he wanted to keep him happy, he made me feel that I had behaved very badly constantly.” The report reproduces extracts from the complaint of mistreatment that the 19-year-old girl presented last month in a court in Barcelona. Described by her as a person “jealous and controlling”, it is not the first time that Dalas is accused of ill-treatment . Just a few weeks before, another influencer, the blogger Ingrid Michel, alias Soy Mía, also accused Dalas of even going so far as to threaten her with death. They had lived together for two and a half years.

Sexual abuse

To the denunciations of their ex-partners, the youtuber adds three other accusations, this time of harassment and sexual abuse to minors. A 15-year-old girl told police that the Internet star, with 2.7 million followers on her channel, had asked for WhatsApp to send her nude photos. Dalas responded with a video in which he claimed that someone had supplanted his identity.

El vídeo de hoy de es SÚPER importante que lo veáis y lo difundáis. Se han hecho pasar por mí para hablar con (…)

— Dalas Review (@DalasReview) 7 de agosto de 2016

A few days later, the person responsible for the impersonation, another youtuber, acknowledged his guilt, although he clarified that “nobody asked for nude photos of anyone”.

For their part, two other adolescents alleged in allegations that Dalas had sexually harassed them. These facts are being investigated in the courts. For the youtuber, everything responds to “a plan” that has been “orchestrating” his ex-girlfriend “for months”.

Everything is a conspiracy of Miare

They had been planning a show for months with a group of fans that wanted to damage the image of the famous youtuber. One of those girls saw what they were doing wrong and recorded all the conversations.

Evidence against #DalasReview

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