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Causes that make your Internet slow

You imagine life without the Internet. It is difficult to understand how people who were born to this discovery did. However, many of the people called Generation X lived the period when cyber space was not as fast and effective as it is now.

Experts say that the speed of the network depends on the country in which you connect, just give five tips to check if your Internet does not go as fast as you want. Read more

#Google will remove its “see image” button

Google Images is what most users use to find photos quickly and easily. Google has been improving the function more and more, allowing to jump from one photo to another while we see the rest. In addition, buttons have been added that allow you to share the specific image in the search, visit the web, save it as a favorite, or go to the direct link of the image by clicking on View image. Now, this last button is going to be removed. Read more

The European Journalists Directive denounces attacks on press freedom in Poland

The steering committee of the European Federation of Journalists visited the “Gazeta Wysorcza”. Second from the left, Luís Menéndez, Spanish representative of FAPE, together with the rest of the European committee and Polish journalists, in Gdansk.

The steering committee of the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) denounced the past few days in Gdansk (northern Poland) the serious situation facing journalists and media in that country, especially since the publication of the Law of the Public Media, in force since 2016. This initiative led to massive dismissals of journalists (450, only on public television), dismissals Read more

Start a campaign in Gmail Ads

The world of digital advertising has returned to have new alternatives. This time it is the turn of advertising in Gmail Ads, which will make our campaigns more complete and effective.

Gmail Ads is a platform that is associated with Google AdWords, which is a considerable improvement for all campaign managers. This platform allows you to promote advertiser products or services in the inboxes of Gmail users. In simpler words, it’s those emails with orange labels that appear in the Gmail tray. Read more

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