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The high competition that currently exists in the different industries, guided by an increasingly informed and demanding market, makes it necessary for companies to focus on those activities where they have their competitive advantages to add the highest possible value to their business, reducing the at the same time its costs through more efficient processes.

What to do, then, with those business processes that directly influence the results, but are not the core of the company, such as the processes of supply, delivery, payment of remuneration or management information to name a few?

Steades, through its Business Outsourcing service, makes it possible for companies to outsource their business processes, while reducing their operating costs, since Steades has the economies of scale necessary to consolidate highly efficient processes and costs controlled.

To compete in global markets, it is necessary to use the best business practices. But to achieve this, we no longer have to travel the long road of designing and implementing new processes, something that the current business dynamic does not allow, but it is enough to take advantage of the experience of an integrator like Steades and its more than 37 years implementing these best practices in multiple organizations in Latin America.

Steades has structured a set of services, oriented either to implement the best practices in their internal processes or to assume the outsourcing of their processes, be they technological or business.

To provide these services, Steades has highly specialized work teams, from process consultants to service managers, which allow it to assume the operation of complex business processes in short times and with a high level of efficiency.

For the outsourcing of business processes, Steades has developed Business Process Outsourcing, which corresponds to a catalog of business processes, completely defined in terms of its objectives, activities, people, capabilities, management indicators and efficiency levels, which allows its rapid implementation and the achievement of high levels of performance and safety in the short term.

A particular case of business processes corresponds to technological processes, for which Steades has developed Processing Services, which corresponds to the outsourcing of data processing services.

In the same way, if you need to implement best practices in internal business processes, Steades has process consulting services, with expert staff that will support you to incorporate these best practices into your internal processes.


Since 2008, we have delivered Continental Business Outsourcing services to medium and large companies.

Throughout our history, Steades has designed, implemented and operated business processes for public and private organizations throughout Latin America, among which the Government of Miranda (Venezuela) and City Hall of the Bolivarian Municipality of Guaiciapuro (Venezuela), Vzla stand out Studio (US), among other institutions

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