23 March, 2019 steades

Advantages and disadvantages of delivery in your #business

The delivery, home delivery service or home delivery is a service offered by multiple companies that is based on moving to where the customer is located the products that were already acquired by this previously.
This service has become a marketing strategy with total success at present for multiple companies. Modernity brought with it that people had less time to move to acquire products in person, therefore, the market adapted to the needs of the client and created this service: delivery.

However, despite the fact that the delivery is so successful at present, this does not work for all types of business sector. Here we propose the advantages and disadvantages of owning this service in your company, so that in this way taking into account these attributions you can reconsider whether to include it in your business.

Among its main advantages are:

  • The client’s reaction to the product and its perception of the brand at the time of acquisition can be observed more directly.
  • Increase the clientele thanks to the amenities it offers and territorial expansion, because the client should not move.
  • The investment for the business in general is smaller because it is not necessary to build a physical store to make home deliveries.
  • It saves the client time because it should not be moved anywhere.
  • The product can be available 24 hours a day.

    On the other hand, its most notorious disadvantages are:

  • Investment in vehicles is expensive and also involves increasing the amount of insurance of the company to also cover those assets.
  • Not a whole city can be the target, certain people must be excluded because of the scope of transport.
  • Good offers must be guaranteed to the drivers in order to receive good services.
  • There will be more staff, including the reception of orders and the delivery.
  • The prices of the products will rise when including the shipping costs in the billing, which will cause many customers to stop using the service.

By: Wandy V. Ernández G.

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