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Causes that make your Internet slow

You imagine life without the Internet. It is difficult to understand how people who were born to this discovery did. However, many of the people called Generation X lived the period when cyber space was not as fast and effective as it is now.

Experts say that the speed of the network depends on the country in which you connect, just give five tips to check if your Internet does not go as fast as you want.

1- Software update

Installing a new program or updating it can bring some problems that are not observed during the installation. This is why if you suddenly find new home pages or navigation bars never seen before, most likely the fault is the last software installed. Fortunately, it is simple to solve it, you just have to enter the control panel and choose the software to be deleted as well as the last update.

2- Homepage

Homepages, or home pages, are those sites that are loaded by default when the browser is opened. It is common for people to make the mistake of choosing more than one site for this function, this only gets a slower and more saturated connection or even system failure. The recommended thing is just to have a home page and as much as possible that it is the same search engine.

3- Virus

Downloading a virus by accident is something more and more common, especially if they are malwares. These are responsible for making a continuous attack trying to steal private data and passwords. They also send seeds to infect other computers on the network or connected to Wi-Fi, which is why the bandwidth decreases considerably. The way to eliminate them is with the trusted antivirus or by resorting to the usual computer technician.

4-. Rush hour

Sometimes what fails is not the service but the time, since the Internet also has peak hours. These can be at night, during the week, or all day on a rainy weekend. In these cases it only remains to have patience and wait.

5- Browser extensions

The favorite browser comes with a number of pre-set tools, however many users need to be able to make use of extra tools. To achieve this, extensions are installed, which work in the same way as a mobile phone application.

While the functions are simple as being able to download a video or improve the spelling, the truth is that those who develop it are private companies. This is why many extensions to be free bring covert advertising, something that is activated with each click on the browser. To avoid this, the best thing is to eliminate them: simply enter the tools menu, from there to extensions and delete those that bring inconveniences.

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