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Contract to Steades.com for design a website or create a free site?

Welcome to our blog! In this article we will talk about this big question when you want to create a website.

There are many factors that must be taken into account to make this decision, here we will list some of them for you to analyze if you are thinking of creating one.

1. Am I sure that this project is what I want?
If you are still not sure that you will really continue with the project in the long term, we consider that the best option is not to make the investment, and create a free website. It would be money and time lost! That’s why it analyzes well what you want to do, and if it really is worth it.

2. How professional do you want your website to look?
The downside of free sites is that they use templates and they can be used by anyone, which means that there will be a custom design for your website and there will be things that you can not modify to your liking. However, if you decide to make your website from a design agency you can have control of every detail, and it will be a design that no one else will have.

3. Do you have enough creativity and time to design the website yourself?
If you want the final result to be excellent, you will have to invest time in the design and content of the website. If you are a very busy person, or want to access more ideas, the best option would be to hire an expert.

If you want to make your website with a specialized agency, you can contact us in the button below!

4. If you do it with a person or company you will have someone to ask you in case you have doubts! Free websites are simpler. However, difficulties may arise when it comes to expressing your ideas, or doubts during the creation process. The internet will be able to help you a lot. Or, you can turn to an agency and inform the specifications of your web design. They will take care of it, and they will indicate the management of the site. If you have problems, do not worry, you can contact your technical service.
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