2 April, 2019 steades

Discover how to verify your Instagram account

The social network has made the verification process much easier. These are the steps you must follow if you want to get the blue pimp in your account.

How to get verification on Instagram was one of the great mysteries of social networks. Previously it was believed that the only alternatives were to increase the number of followers or have access to an agency that could ask Instagram the blue pimp directly.

The social network that belongs to Facebook has decided to change its policies for verification and the process is now much simpler.

To apply for verification now you just have to enter the configuration function and then select “request verification”. Then they will ask for the name of your account, full name and legal identification of the person or business.

Then you have to wait for an undetermined time to know if the application was accepted or not, according to the approval policies established by the network.

In addition to the change in the verification process, Instagram has presented several changes with which it aims to improve the security of its users through two-step authentication through third parties such as Google and DUO Mobile.

In addition, a new feature that is About this account has been created. This option will appear in the accounts that have a large group of followers and will show important information such as: when the account was created, the country, changes of the username and if it has active advertisements.

These options will be available to all users from the next few days and respond to Facebook’s intention to combat the false news and accounts that are created to spread them.
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