28 March, 2019 steades

Entrepreneurship as an option in the face of the crisis

The economic crisis that Venezuela is going through has opened up some opportunities for entrepreneurs from different regions of the country, who have identified increasing needs for products and services and have been willing to meet them.

It is common to see on the shelves of supermarkets and supplies, products of new brands, many of these local, which in some cases seem to replace a product that is no longer or does not regularly arrive at traditional channels. A significant number of these products are there because of the initiative of entrepreneurs.

Some of them are concentrating on providing solutions to the difficulties imposed by the lack of services. Many of these solutions are offered from mobile applications and technological developments.

At times like this, undertaking in Venezuela is not an easy task, but it is an opportunity for those who, after having identified a need, look for it in a creative and responsible manner. Not only as a way to develop a business idea, but also as a way to solve a problem to consumers and users who have seen reduced quality and the supply of products and services.

The foregoing seems to indicate that the crisis has made the venture in Venezuela relevant. But when it comes to developing a social or business initiative, it is essential to receive guidance from people and institutions specialized in this area, regardless of the academic level and previous professional experience that the entrepreneur has.

Do not forget that it is essential that you develop a business plan that details, for example, the characteristics of the product or service you will offer; who will buy it and what added value it will provide to whoever buys it; how much it will cost to produce it; how it will be distributed; and what the marketing strategy will be; in other aspects.

In relation to the capital necessary to carry out an enterprise, take into account that if you do not have this, you can use your bank to request a microcredit, seek the support of family and friends, and establish alliances or establish a company.

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