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28 marzo, 2019 steades

Account canceled on Instagram for minors

Many users have received the form and updated the terms of use, and with it the confirmation that you have more than 14 years to continue using the application. In case of not reporting that you are under that age, Instagram will block the account and erase everything during the next 14 days.

The message that can be seen in the upper capture shows the two options offered to those who have encountered this situation:

a) Appeal the decision: It will be necessary to show that we have more than 14 years, being necessary to send our name, date of birth and identification document so that, during the 14 days mentioned, it is verified that, indeed, we comply with the requirements. At the end of the form there is a free text field in which it is possible to give explanations, optional field, yes. This form can be found on this help page, since it is not necessary to be identified on Instagram to access it.

b) Download all the data of the account: Instagram will gather all the photos, comments, … and send a download link to the registration email. By clicking on the link in the email you will send us back to our Instagram account (it will be necessary to identify yourself), so that, from there, we can download the ZIP with all the information. Once we download the file we can see the structured information as follows:

The photos are classified by days, with a low resolution (few weigh more than 100 kb), and the videos are also complete. All contacts are saved in json format, ideal for importing them into another platform. The files are:

– comments.json: With all the comments we have made on the platform, indicating the date and the profile in which we made this comment.
– connections.json: The contacts that we have in the account (yes, here are all the users that we follow).
– contacts.json: First name, last name, email and ID of the contacts that we have in our instagram.
– likes.json: All the “likes” we have made at some point within the platform.
– media.json: The information of the publication of our photos and videos on the platform.
– messages.json: Messages received and sent from Instagram.
– profile.json: The data of our profile
– searches.json: Data on the searches we have done.
– settings: Data related to the configuration of our profile.

With all this information, it would be possible to import the data into a new open source platform made for children, for example, although at the moment there is no viable option. What yes that it is possible that it happens is that Instagram allows in the future to reactivate the accounts after fulfilled 14 years, and to import the information that we lowered in its moment. Time will tell.

Author: Juan Diego Polo


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