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Start a campaign in Gmail Ads

The world of digital advertising has returned to have new alternatives. This time it is the turn of advertising in Gmail Ads, which will make our campaigns more complete and effective.

Gmail Ads is a platform that is associated with Google AdWords, which is a considerable improvement for all campaign managers. This platform allows you to promote advertiser products or services in the inboxes of Gmail users. In simpler words, it’s those emails with orange labels that appear in the Gmail tray.

The truth is that this type of advertising has evolved a lot since, in 2013, Google opened the beta of Gmail Ads to some advertisers. Gmail Ads gives us the possibility to appear in the “promotions” section of the inbox of the users who visit your email. The most outstanding feature of this platform is that the advertiser will only pay for the first click made by the user. That is, only by the action of accessing the advertisement and the page that contains more information about the company. Of all the formats of creativity that we can use in Gmail Ads, the “Catalog” is the best option, because it multiplies by 6 the possibilities of visiting the site.

What are the advantages of Gmail Ads?

Gmail Ads offers a service with few competitors and so far has been little explored, so advertising through this is a lower cost. Which allows to increase the visibility of our brand and get conversions at a lower cost than in other advertising platforms. Likewise, it allows reaching the user’s email inbox, being a service that we use on a daily basis in computers, tablets or smartphones.

Another advantage is that the space we have to show the announcement of our campaign is much greater. Google allows sizes of 650 × 300 up to 650 × 1000 in the displayed ad, without affecting the size at the cost of it. It also offers a very important level of customization, allowing you to insert an HTML code and create a page with several links and calls to action.
This service can be very interesting to reach those users who have already visited our website, and we are looking for them to return and thus increase the chances of acquiring products / services from the web. Or, for those users who are doing related searches, but still do not know our company.

Undoubtedly, advertising in Gmail Ads is a great option for brands, being able to be in the mail inbox of your target audience, it is priceless. If you want to know more about online advertising, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter. You may also be interested: Twitter Ads

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