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#Google will remove its “see image” button

Google Images is what most users use to find photos quickly and easily. Google has been improving the function more and more, allowing to jump from one photo to another while we see the rest. In addition, buttons have been added that allow you to share the specific image in the search, visit the web, save it as a favorite, or go to the direct link of the image by clicking on View image. Now, this last button is going to be removed.

Google will remove a button used by billions of people because of Getty

All this has as its origin a legal battle of Getty with Google. This company is a stock photo agency that has 80 million images to its credit, which it licenses to other professionals. The company took legal action against them in the United States and Europe because they were infringing copyrights with Google Images by allowing users to download full-resolution images of the web page (albeit with watermarks).

Getty accused Google of even piracy, when the search engine simply links to the images so that users have it at hand. If that link exists on the web, the user can obtain it by simply clicking on the right button and opening the direct link to the image; or simply looking in the source code of the page or with extensions like Image Downloader.

This generated Getty traffic and sales to fall, as argued in the lawsuit. Now, both companies have solved the legal problems and Getty has withdrawn the lawsuit, as it communicated on February 9.

What they did not say is that this week Google is going to remove the button See image following this agreement. In addition, in the search for images, Google will more clearly show copyright alerts to warn the user that the content they are viewing is subject to copyright and may be committing piracy. In exchange, Google will be able to use the Getty photos in its services, as well as the photos of Getty will count on products of the giant with greater frequency.

In a message from Getty to members of iStock, the company has reported these changes, without these being made publicly. The Register contacted sources close to the case and confirmed that the button will disappear from all Google searches this week or in the next few weeks at the latest. In principle, this disappearance affects Europe and the United States, although it probably extends to the whole world.

Therefore, from now on it will be necessary to visit the website to get the link of the photograph, or right click to give Open image in new tab, instead of how comfortable it was now click directly on See image. Google has not made any statement in this regard, but is likely to do so in the coming days confirming the elimination.


Written by Alberto García

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