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How to configure the Woocommerce shipping zones?

If our online store has a product that must be sent to the customer, we must first configure the different possible shipping areas and then specify the shipping method (s) and their consequent costs. By default WooCommerce includes 3 possible shipping methods: fixed price, free shipping and local collection, which we will cover in other articles.


A shipping area is a geographical area where we can specify one or more shipping methods for our products. In the configurations we can cover general areas (such as continents or countries) to more detailed areas (specifying name of cities, postal codes or specific rules).

For example, we could create these shipping areas for our online store:

Name of the area Region (s) Methods of shipment
Madrid office CP 28012 Local collection
All Madrid Madrid "Standard" - Fixed price - € 7.00
"Express" - Fixed price - € 12.00
Rest of Europe Europe "Europe" - Fixed price - € 14.00

You can configure all the areas you need for your store and in each zone you can specify different shipping methods. Then the user can select the one that best suits him for the shipment of his product.


To configure the shipping areas of our online store we must access the WooCommerce menu »Settings» Shipping. If you do not see this tab is because you may need to activate shipments in the general settings of your store.

The first time we access the configurator of shipping areas we will see a screen with a brief description of its operation and a zone assigned by default called “Rest of the world” which we can not erase. This zone exists so that a general rule applies to those users that do not comply with the new zones that we create. In case of not wanting to send products to the “rest of the world” it is enough to leave it without any shipping method.

Since the shipping rules are applied from top to bottom we can exclude an area by adding the region and indicating that you do not have any shipping method available.


In the form of the menu WooCommerce »Settings» Shipping we must press the button with the legend “Add sending area”. A new form will be displayed with the following fields:

Form add WooCommerce shipping area

Name of the area: It is a simple name, only visible to site administrators, so we can identify the area.
Region (s) of the area: Here we can specify the area where we will assign a shipping method. We can configure it in the following ways:
Writing the name of a continent, country or city in the “Choose regions within this area” field.
Writing the name of a city but delimiting with postal codes in the “Enumerate 1 zip code by line” field.
Delimiting postal codes by writing rules with the wildcard *: For example “280 *” is equivalent to any postal code that starts with 280 (28012, 28077, etc).
Delimiting postal codes by writing range rules: For example “28000 … 28100” is equivalent to any postal code between 28000 and 28100.
Delimiting postal codes writing rules by mixing the 3 previous points: for example if we write in different lines the following values ​​23876, 28 *, 29150 … 29200 is equivalent to any postal code that begins with 28 or that is between 29150 and 29200 or the locality with the zip code 23876.
Shipping methods: Once the area is delimited we must specify the shipping method (s): it can be a fixed price, free shipping and local collection. We will see each of these shipping methods in a separate article.

Once all the values have been loaded, click on the “Save changes” button to register the new shipping area for our online store.


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