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How to live in #Venezuela and not emigrate in the attempt?


We know that sometimes it is so difficult to emigrate, as to stay in the country. Not always emigrate is an improvement, since being in your country also offers you advantages. Migratory success is not guaranteed, so while some migrate, others decide to stay or return. But how to succeed in the Venezuela of 2018? 🤷♀
1) The first problem to solve is economic, it should be understood that in a country in crisis, there are professions and businesses that do not work and others that do.
I have perceived which businesses are still profitable and which ceased to be profitable.
I see that new businesses arise and are successful, for example small factories of products that are scarce, such as one that a mayonnaise factory or cleaning products, since the transnationals do not produce enough and the demand is immense.
I see businesses filling water bottles that are full of customers, lottery agencies proliferate, used car agencies, gold pawn businesses are extended. Also, itinerant businesses such as food trucks, gourmet food trucks, have high turnover, in addition to always selling businesses such as liquor stores, sale of spare parts, teaching centers and hardware stores. There are those who have migrated to internet businesses, sales by mercadolibre or the world of cryptocurrency trading, which with advanced knowledge is profitable.
The fast food and cheap businesses will always work. These are moments of reinvention and exploitation, although there is less turnover, there is also less competition.
The current Venezuela, is only for the most commercially fit. Only the hard ones are those that manage to be operative and obtain profits. This country still has 30 million inhabitants who will demand products and services.
2) Meet with people who have decided to stay and be successful in this environment. It is useless to join with those who already decided to leave, since their mind is elsewhere. If a good friend leaves, we will waste it and wish him well, but there are many creative people who are still in Venezuela ready to innovate and operate in the country until the change is made. We will be on the crest of the wave when others want to return.
3) Take advantage of the spaces left by those who leave, captures their clientele, if you are a professional, take advantage of the fact that there is less competition.
4) Focus on the positive things that the country continues to offer you, which are precisely those that miss those who leave. Enjoy the good things that Venezuela continues to offer you, above all our people, the coolest in the world and our climate, fresh and stable all year round, without marked seasons. The facilities of the thriving Venezuela are still there in their majority and are operative. Our beaches, mountains, meadows and tepuys are still intact.
5) Take advantage of low prices. Buy properties, shares of clubs, appliances, electronic equipment, since those who leave are willing to sell them and some even to give them away. Carlos Slim one of the richest men in the world, took advantage of the crisis of the 80s in Mexico, to buy companies and goods at skinny chicken prices.
6) Do not feel sorry for yourself for living in Venezuela. It’s your personal decision, period. Most of us who are here do so out of our own conviction, we know the advantages, the disadvantages and the risks. Many countries have gone through crises and wars worse than this and have overcome them.
7) Help the most affected, from your own relatives or employees, we also collaborate with foundations, homes for the elderly, etc. Most do not have the tools to overcome the crisis and need any help.
8.) Although we should not think about politics all day, let’s not stop fighting for change, since it will only be generated from within. Although today it seems that everything is lost, the madurismo is at a worse time, politically and economically, nationally and internationally. This will happen much faster than we thought.
9) Not always the one who is outside is well and not always the one in Venezuela is wrong. Datanalisis did a study where 1/3 of the Venezuelan population lives on remittances, savings or income in foreign currency, so that hyperinflation does not affect them. Do not think that everyone who lives in Venezuela is wrong, only 300 dollars a month the basic basket is covered and with 500 dollars a month a family can live covering all their expenses. If you are not in this group, enter it. In no country in Latin America can live with these amounts and many have that income.
10) Stay active in your guild, in your children’s school, in your condominium, in your university. Well, your participation today is more necessary than ever to keep them active and well maintained.


By: Roberto Orta Martínez

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