27 March, 2019 steades

Instagram launches the “Shopping” function in Europe

Instagram has just made a very important launch in Spain and a dozen other countries, which will change the way in which brands use the social network, and also the use that users will give, since from now on it will be easier Buy products through the platform.From now on, brands will be able to tag products in their contents, which will allow users to directly access the company’s website to buy them. That is, you can not buy directly through Instagram, but it is a big step forward to redirect users directly to the website where they can buy the product.

This new service, known as “Instagram Shopping”, premiered in the United States at the end of last year and today it arrives in Spain to facilitate that Instagram is considered a product purchase channel.

Labeling a product is as simple as labeling a person in an image. The good thing is that the user is directed to the exact place where he can buy that product, so he does not have to be looking for it on the company’s website and the conversions increase, as there are no further distractions in the purchase process.


The social network Instagram has launched this Tuesday in Spain and in other countries such as Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy and the United Kingdom, the Shopping function, which allows companies to tag products in their publications and offers users the possibility to buy them from the brand’s website. This service has arrived in the country after having been released in the United States last year.

In addition, users can click on the “Buy” button of a company profile to obtain more information about the price and details of the product that interests them.

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