28 March, 2019 steades

Learn how to create personalized stickers in #Adobe Ai

Learn to create personalized stickers to show your work of art.

Start from scratch or download practice files [https://adobe.ly/2F99WS4]

1. Open your drawing, or use ours (sticker-art.ai).
2. Create space around your design: choose the selection tool. Click and drag to select the work of art. Choose Object – Path – Path of displacement.
3. Modify the scroll angle: enter a Compensation value, select Combinations – Round off, check the Preview box. Click on OK

Tip: The sample uses a 12 point Offset and Joints value is set to Round to create a rounded corner (use Miter for sharp corners, or Square Corner bevel). The Miter limit is set to 4. You may want to choose an upper limit for shapes with sharp angles.

4. With the selected object, go to the Explorer panel (Window – Finder), choose Join (first icon in the Shape modes section).
5. Revert the Fill and Stroke color: If the default Fill color, in the Toolbar, is set to black and the default Stroke Color is set to None (indicated by a red bar), click the arrow double between the boxes to invert the configurations.

Tip: If the default Fill and Stroke colors are different, click once on the Fill box and click the white icon with the red bar in the Color panel to set it to None. Then click once on the Stroke box and click on the black icon in the Color panel.

6. Move contour to new layer: in the Layers panel (Window – Layers), create a new layer, double click on the name of the layer and call it Cut Line. With the artwork still selected, choose Object – Organize – Send to the current layer.

Tip: When you have finished designing your label, you can send it to a printer that can print and die, cut your sticker so you can share it as a sticker, brand or decoration.

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