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Mobile Storytelling: More informed and less faithful

Nowadays, strategies focused on mobile devices become key elements for a company, since the fact of conditioning the diversity of factors in this type of devices became indispensable. The access to more and more things is reflected in the almost immediate need for information and in the almost inherent ability of each Millenial to be everywhere at the same time.

The secret and the opportunity is to create content in the moments in which people are connected to your device (which is in its great part of the day) to expose them and achieve a “call to action” in favor of our brands and companies.

That said, the mobile and other purely digital media, have generated little investment in traditional media and therefore its beginning towards the end. What does this mean? If previously the same message came to the consumer through different screens; Nowadays, different messages arrive on a single screen. You can not see the ads on the street, or the billboards, you can not listen to radio as before, much less consume television as it was done before and companies are evaluating this as an opportunity.

What are we facing? The situation is basically that most companies, although they change the vehicle of communication, they are not changing the content or the message and this is a serious mistake, at least, in digital. When the form of transport was changed, from horse to vehicle, the garments had, yes or yes, to change. Why do not we apply this principle to the same change of scenario that we have been exposing?

For this reason, the story is different now and therefore it is necessary to start changing the way we present any type of content and finally, we tell a story.


The main thing we must take into account before taking the step to make a presence in digital media or through mobile. From the outset, be clear that it is not a static medium, that is, it is constantly changing and that, if today it is the trend, tomorrow it is forgotten. Why? The mobile device is by interactive “nature” and that completely changes the behavior of the person and the way in which the content consumes. Storytelling, therefore, has to adapt to reality and reinvent itself in the way that reality tells.

All this supposes in independence of each one of the marks; that is, I can not keep talking about what everyone is talking about or following the masses, much less offering more of the same. The digital spaces and in this case through the mobile, requires generating different, interactive, captivating and yes, shorter stories.

This is where brands, with their marketing and communication teams have to sit down and start generating strategies focused on a new, more informed and less faithful consumer, with results not only focused on LIKES and comments but also on ROI and recovering efforts made in this type of media.

How should we do it?

A simple example of a Volvo advertising campaign with a rather unique, inspiring story that leaves the hair on edge but in the end shows a clear competitive differential of the brand.

By Carlos Zorrilla

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