28 March, 2019 steades

Technology for the golden age

Technology is present in the day to day of the population in general, and this has not been very pleasant for some people over 60 years.
Well, many of these people find it difficult to adapt to the use of new technologies or simply do not understand them. That is why several manufacturers decided to create devices for older adults, such as the “EasyPhone” cell phone, created by the Chinese electronic company Haier.

This phone represents a smartphone with touch screen and Internet connection, also has larger icons in the menu, emergency buttons, powered speakers and pre-installed applications to make it easier to use the cell phone.

Also, for those people who feel alone, a robot has been created that sings, reads and keeps older adults company.

For its part, the company Techco Security has telecare programs based on IP technology that allow total control of the elderly for 24 hours thanks to mobile devices, in which preventive calls can be programmed to remember the taking of medication, in addition , through a GPS you can know where your owner is and issue alerts if you leave a delimited area, as well as warn of possible falls.

By: Natalia Zambrano Boulanger

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