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The skills we need to get the best jobs

When looking for job offers, you may have noticed that some skills are more sought after than others. Some of them are important in some sector and others could make you get a better position and, therefore, a much higher salary.

That is why we will give you an idea of ​​what skills you need to practice in a sector, all thanks to a study conducted by Bentley University. The study revealed that some skills are useful in marketing, human resources, IT, among other similar categories.

This type of requirements make workers more versatile at the time of performing their work, among the most requested, according to the results of the study, we can mention business development, Oracle and mathematics.

Susan Brennan, associate vice president of career services at Bentley, explains that new generations should include their skills to get a job where they earn as much as possible. He also mentions that the times were long past when one could have a stable job with only developing technical and social skills but that companies are currently looking for employees who are capable of carrying out various activities.

Among the skills most required by companies is the data analysis, since there was an increase of 3.977% in offers that require data management in the IT sector. However, Brennan emphasizes that this ability is useful in almost any job, the important thing is to have enough data and interpret them correctly.

Another interesting point is that skills that were previously considered specialized are now an almost general norm. It is for this reason that the number of specific jobs has decreased drastically; example of this, is the reduction of 64% of the ads for social network strategists, although they had an important role in sales, marketing, human resources and public relations.

Ads for web designers have also decreased by 8% in the same period of time, even taking into account that demand has risen by 11% in the field of marketing and public relations.

Regarding the ads for graphic designers and sales skills, there has also been a decrease of 8% and 49%, respectively. However, it seems that they will become a rule requirement for the near future, as they increased 68% as requirements in the fields of marketing and public relations and in terms of IT posts a 29% increase.

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