25 March, 2019 steades

Whatsapp Business half available

Facebook, since it acquired WhatsApp, has made certain changes and now one of them, is that it has announced the launch of WhatsApp Business, a dedicated tool for brands.

Benefits that the WhatsApp Business application includes:

  1. Business Profiles: In these profiles, customers can place useful information, such as a business description, email address, and a website.
  2. Intelligent messaging tools: through chatbots, it will be possible to automate the sending of quick answers, for frequent questions from customers. Even respond when you are busy.
  3. Message statistics: we will have the opportunity to have simple metrics, such as the number of messages read and thus measure the effectiveness of them.
  4. WhatsApp Web: receive and send messages from a computer.
  5. Account verification: people will know they are talking to a company because they will appear as a business account. Over time, some companies will have verified accounts, once it has been confirmed that the telephone number of the account matches the telephone number of the company.

How is WhatsApp Business used?

First it must be downloaded from Google Play on Android devices. When installing it, you must indicate the fixed number instead of the SIM card. This, so that, in doing so, receive a code via call and activate the account.

The interface is similar to the mobile version. It is important to write the profile name correctly, since then it will not be possible to change it.

In 2017, WhatsApp began to announce upcoming commercial tools. Just at that moment, the company noticed that it would also facilitate users, understand when they were communicating with a company, by changing the color of the text bubble when interacting.

That being said, Facebook has the two most used messaging platforms, such as “Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp”. But now they can open more opportunities for companies seeking to expand into new regions. While Messenger can be the platform of key messages in some regions in particular, WhatsApp is the leader in many others. With the new tools of WhatsApp, it may be worth investing in new opportunities to expand the reach.

Finally, this new app is available now in Colombia, in Google Play stores.

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