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Why do Social Media strategies fail?

very time there are different studies focused on digital marketing, social media and new trends, we have to say or at least name some of the reasons why certain social media strategies are not working for brands.

The vast majority of the studies conclude in ‘the bad implementation’ or ‘design errors’ but, based on our experience, below, we detail the reasons that we consider most relevant:

What should we do so that our social media strategies do not fail?

Not have an action plan:

What’s happening here? Having everything well organized and thought, does not guarantee the success of things. Although it is the initial part of all social media strategies, it is essential to have a schedule of activities, general and specific objectives, communication channels and methods.

Each step, each element and each tool, needs yes or yes, a deadline and a strategic application so as not to improvise in digital performance.

Not adapt to changes:

We are all very clear that we are in a virtual age, competition and brands are changing from analog to digital skin, and we are all continually updating our Facebook statuses; is not sufficient.

But the consumer, whatever it is, is more informed, more hesitant and less faithful, for that reason, as companies and brands, it is necessary to change our contents, our formats and the speed with which we show them.

Do not follow the data !:

Many brands make this mistake. Therefore we must evaluate what we do and collect data that will allow us to make the most appropriate decisions related to our target group.

If we do not follow the digital post-performance data, we will simply repeat the mistakes of each campaign and it will never be convenient (much less if you expect to optimize your investment in each campaign.) So how could we know if a campaign is optimal, if it is not being measured? .


It is necessary to learn from methods, tools and good practices, but as we said in a previous point, the media (and especially the digital) are constantly changing and at a really surprising speed.

Therefore, it is necessary to unlearn all the time and invent with creativity the way in which we are approaching consumers.

Social media tools can bring consumers and brands much closer, but to do so, we must create less formal and more personalized messages.

In conclusion, 90% of the mistakes that make our social media strategies a failure, are: to stay in action plans equal to those of the competition, to make non-personalized decisions, and to “play” with the basics, in a world in which we must create new methods and strategies, in order to compete.

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