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At Steades GroupLLC, we have been delivering fantastic results for over 6 years. Whether individual spaces like yours or entire homes and commercial projects. We know that each project is as unique as the owner and we treat both with the same care.

But why hire a professional home makeover company?

Sure, you could paint your house yourself or do some easy work, but working all week and a family at home, isn’t your time worth more to you?
By hiring us, you will be able to finish your project in a fraction of the time, using the safest and most appropriate materials for your children, and delivered with a beautiful, professional finish.

Our experienced employees are expertly trained, use the latest equipment and always leave the workplace clean and free of dust; ready for you to come in and enjoy.

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This proposal includes details of your project and our estimated costs. We hope you illustrate your company’s name as your ideal partner and if you wish to continue, you only need to enter your name in the digital signature block to continue – no paper, no hassle!

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